Imam Khomeini heeded religion with rationality and principles

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic presented a deep and insightful perception of religion based on rationality and principles.

ID: 55359 | Date: 2019/05/19
Imam Khomeini, as a religious thinker who was abreast of current comprehensive perception of religion and rational-mystical attitude to religion and politics and a historical understanding of the needs and developments of the society and its requirements embarked on reviving the attitude of Islam towards all dimensions of human life.

He managed to present a general and exhaustive perspective of the genuine Islam of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), borrowing his words, and pursuing social and political action based on it.

In a sense, he was the embodiment of religious thought and action within a framework convergent ideas. On this basis, he could be described as a comprehensive thinker who heeded religion with a view based on rationality and principles.

He presented the genuine Islam of Muhammad (PBUH) as a superior model and comprehensive school of thought constituting its foundation on monotheism, which is just and equivalent to 'idalah. Everything emanating from this school is also just.

 That is why in expressing his attitude and intended goals regarding the Islamic Revolution and the establishment born out of it, when he was asked what type of regime he wished to supersede the regime of the Shah, he replied thus:

"A regime supplanting the despotic regime of the Shah is a just regime the like of which is not available in Western democracy."

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