A piece of advice by Imam Khomeini to solve family issues

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic used to give very precious advices to youth about how to tackle their family issues with patience and mutual understanding.

ID: 52842 | Date: 2018/03/26
 A historic memoirs in this regard comes as following:

One of Imam’s daughters narrates: “At the start of my marriage, I went to Hajj Agha so that he could give me some advice.  He said: “If your husband is upset, or if he says something to you for whatever reason, or acts badly, at that time don’t say anything, even if you are in the right.  Leave it until he has calmed down, and then say what you have to.”  He also gave the exact same advice to my husband.

In the beginning I didn’t give this advice much importance.  Later upon reflection, I saw that indeed the root of many of the family disputes came back to this very issue.  Therefore, from then on, every time somebody has wanted advice about family issues, I have given them this very same advice of the Imam.