ID: 50463 | Date: 2017/11/16


Arise ministrel that the joy our desire is,

The intoxicated eyes of the faithful Beloved towards us is.

The frenzy of the lovers for the beautiful caused by wine,

God's lovers intoxication from our jug derived is.

We the lovers are from the summit of the guidance mountain,

The Rohol-omin through the Cedar for us looking is.

Convert the tavern into the garden oh! you the calanders,

The intoxicated paradise flight in our talking is.

Tell the ministrel to increase the joy, play more enthusiastically,

The hand of the monastery's beggar upwards, towards us is.

Cup-bearer! fill up our cup with coloured wine,

This brimful jar of wine the cause of our reputation is.

The spring breeze unveiled her face,

The flower's red colour from our Beloved furious face is.

Oh invisible! that your manifestation goes beyond the Heaven,

Your features' affection within the each root of our strand blended is.