37th victory anniversary of the revolution

Devotees mark 37th anniversary of Revolution

The Iranian people and several other nations across the globe are celebrating and commemorating the anniversary of victory of the revolution.

ID: 43185 | Date: 2016/02/10
According to the Iranian calendar, the celebrations and ceremonies of the anniversary of victory of the revolutionculminate on Bahman 22 which corresponds with February 11.
The celebrations begin on February the first, which is the day when Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, returned to Iran after spending more than 14 years in exile.
Each year, ten-day celebrations known as Ten-Day Dawn are held across the country to mark the event.
On February 11, Senior Iranian officials and masses belonging to various walks of life take to the streets in major Iranian cities and towns to express their loyalty towards the ideals of Imam Khomeini and vow to continue his divine path during these massive rallies.
Iranian embassies, consulates and cultural with close coordination of intellectuals and academic institutes organize ceremonies and special events for the anniversary of victory of the revolution in various parts of the world. 
During the massive rallies and ceremonies, devotees pledge to promote the dynamic thought and ideals of Imam.
This comes as a vast majority of oppressed people and masses of entire Muslim Ummah continue to support the goals of revolution and have never compromised the objectives of the late leader of the revolution Imam Khomeini.  
The message of the Islamic revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini has never been confined to the Iran or the regional countries.  
Imam’s movement not only raised awareness, consciousness and awakening among all oppressed people across the world, but also confronted the vicious plots and conspiracies of colonial and exploiting powers.
Imam challenged the so-called world powers, and by relying on God, the Almighty revived divine, humane and spiritual values in contemporary and modern era.
The core message of the revolution has been of global nature as it promoted divine, religious, spiritual, social and cultural values.
The Islamic revolution emerged triumphant at a sensitive juncture of history when the world had plunged into social and moral decline, and the world colonial powers had divided the all countries into two eastern and western blocs.
The revolution also defended the rights of people of Palestine and other nations which were being terrorized by the brutal and occupied Israeli regime in the region.
From the early days of the movement, while revealing the crimes of Pahlavi corrupt regime and Israel, the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran said that: '' It is the duty of special erudite and preachers to remind people of the crimes of Israel in the mosque and religious circles. The especial erudite and noble nation of Iran should not be quiet in these affairs ''.
The historic revolution emerged victorious miraculously despite all efforts by the colonial powers to shield the dictatorial regime of Shah.
However, Imam by relying on God, the Almighty and with public support had announced that the days of the Pahlavi regime had been numbered.
Therefore, since February 11, 1979 the hostile powers spared no efforts to hatched plots and conspiracies to bring revolution to its knees.
The revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini gradually moved towards stability and prosperity despite numerous troubles and hurdles.  
The Islamic Revolution revived self-confidence among Muslims and raised awareness against expansionist agenda of the colonial powers.
Imam established an Islamic-democratic system which put Iran on track of progress and brought honor, esteem and independence to the country. The revolution also changed balance of power on the world arena in the interests of the entire Muslim world and oppressed nations.
Imam frequently used to emphasize on vast participation of the masses in the anniversary of victory of the revolution and all political, social and cultural affairs.