Imam Works Being Displayed at Exhibition

Dozens of Imam Khomeini’s works are being displayed and presented at an ongoing Quran’s exhibition in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

ID: 40103 | Date: 2015/06/26
Hamid Ghaffari, the director of Urouj publication which manages to publish Imam Khomeini’s works, said that the books containing views by great Imam on Quranic comprehension and interpretation have been selected to be displayed at the event. 

He added that the books include Quranic verses which were frequently cited and explained by the founder of the Islamic Republic during his speeches and messages.

The Quran exhibition is held each year during the blessed month of Ramadan in Tehran. 

This year’s exhibition was inaugurated by Iranian culture Misiter Ali Jananti on Wednesday at Holy Defense Museum in Tehran on Wednesday. The exhibiton will remain open to visitors until July 13 from 19 to 24 p.m local time. 

Ghaffari also pointed out that the mystical and divine atmosphere during holy month of Ramadan should be considered as an opportunity for promoting the Qurainic culture. 

He also added that the children and young generation ought to become familiar with the Quranic concepts at early age.

It is noteworthy that Imam Khomeini has had well command over a dozen of academic fields including philosophy, jurisprudence, Quranic interpretation, mysticism and several other inter-disciplinary studies. 

Imam works are increasingly being researched and explored by academics in Iran and across several other countries of the world. 

Imam Khomeini academic legacy and dynamic thought are also becoming increasing popular among mass public, youth, and scholars and academic in different regions.